A dream began the idea to create what is new… Our story is as simple as the Jerusalemites and the domes of their old houses. The story we would like to tell is the reality of the people who live in the alleys of the city, breathe its’ genuine history and look forward a better future.
We at Sabbar Art Production carry a dream from Jerusalem. We want to spread stories about people here to be sent to the rest of the world, to spread meaning of love, life and the concept of existence. A dream to convey what the city means to all people from all over the world. We want our Jerusalem to be always present on everyone’s mind that they would be captivated with its’ love and meaning. .

With every sunshine the dream is renewed taking our hands towards a hope of a better future.

About Us

Sabar Art Production is a private company that produces media in all areas of historic Palestine. It has been known for its productions related to Jerusalem and its professional staff, most of whom are Jerusalemites, creating an atmosphere that encourages creativity.

We are keen to maintain the professional level in the quality of production, where we give the time to develop the idea, and to develop its production plan, Let us look forward to photography and beyond, to provide a remarkable product for the viewers we respect and appreciate the idea and we know the various views, To form consistent with the best in its form.

Our Services

Our production includes documentaries, short films, TV shows & reports, TV advertisement, video clips, 2D & 3D Graphics, and multimedia programs. We look forward to produce other forms of arts and information.


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